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Our ambition

The Digital Supply Institute (DSI) aims at developing ever better medicine and health equity for ever more people. To meet our purpose, we strive for a new patient experience as well as innovative health solutions. 

Our mission is to developing and strategically investing in a portfolio of valuable digital ventures in Life Care and adjacent sectors. We partner with startups, corporates as well as co-investors and appreciate joint entrepreneurship.

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What we do

The DSI has been founded as an open think tank for digitalization in 1997. Since the beginning, the DSI has been a platform for sharing expertise and connecting the community of digital leaders and enthusiasts. Over time, the DSI has expanded its engagement towards helping startups and corporates to successfully seed, grow and/or expand their digital ventures. DSI has defined three areas of investment or support:

Digital businesses (e.g., aggregators)
Smart operations (e.g., LLMOps)
Digital facilitators (e.g., IoT, KIS)

Our investments focus on Life Science & Health Care (Life Care) and adjacent industries (MedTech, FMCG, Chemicals, etc.). 

DSI engagements are being performed by a dedicated team of experienced advisors, guided by the DSI leadership. 

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To make your digital ventures a success, the DSI can provide the necessary resources in terms of the so called 3-Cs, Competency, Community, Capital: 

Competency: The DSI can bring critical business, technology as well as change management expertise and leverage on the deep experience of the DSI team based on a strategy-led approach. It represents experienced industry executives with relevant street credits, i.e., with a proven track record from working at industry champions and their digitalization initiatives. 

Community: The DSI team is prepared to connect the dots by leveraging its network of DSI sponsors, industry executives and experts, while maintaining independence and ethical standards. The DSI community of digital leaders and enthusiasts includes more than 10,000 DSI subscribers.

Capital: The DSI can support investments in an end-to-end and entrepreneurial mode. Our DSI engagement models include all kind of funding (VC, PE, strategic investors, family office, etc.), Consulting-for-Equity as well as different service formats with "skin in the game". DSI sponsors provide funding expertise and have set up funds of up to USD 10 bn before.

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 Why LLMOps is the new kid on the Health Care block ...

Large-Languange-Model-based Operations (LLMOps) are the future, where ever physicians or operators decide to use the latest technology and the complexity of (medical) decisions allows for an effective use of such. The speed of implementing LLMOps depends on three key factors. Please find our latest discussion paper of how to use LLMOps for Life Science and Health Care, effectively.

Why LLMOps is the new kid on the Health Care block ..
WebPage.pdf (213.78KB)
Why LLMOps is the new kid on the Health Care block ..
WebPage.pdf (213.78KB)

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 Health Care of the future - three drivers of strategic evolution

Re-thinking Health Care will increase patient value by integrating practice units, bundling payments across the care cycle and coordinating care delivery across facilities. Convergence will bring Health Care, Life Science and Agriculture closer together to best serve patient`s needs. The use of patient data and new technology will make the difference.

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DSI Maturity Assessment for Life Science & Health Care

DSI members can perform a comprehensive stock taking of their digitalization efforts. The scope of the DSI Maturity Assessment covers all relevant areas of the supply chain operating model such as governance, services, sourcing and technology. The DSI Maturity Assessments refers to a number of proven success factors as well as key facilitators when it comes to digitalization of supply chains. Comparisons with peers are possible. To get started you can perform your individual assessment based on 55 online questions, which takes you about 45 minutes to complete. Based on your individual assessment, the DSI is happy to share results and discuss with you next steps. Please feel free to participate now.

DSI digital maturity framework:

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